We are adding a new line of custom goods.
These items will be custom made on request. All our items are
hand made by us right here in Oregon in the United States of
America,! The items we offer are made of domestic woods grown
in the United States of America
We also do loom and spinning wheel repair
Thanks for stopping by.

Umbrella Swift $175, large

Ball Winder $175 each, will wind center
ball from natural and acrylic fiber.

Niddy Noddy $75 each

Lazy Kate $75 each

Various drop spindles starting @ $65 each

SOX-Box© sock knitters dpn keeper, up to 7 inch needles, $20 each

Tapestry needle threader, various wood,
music wire loop $12 each

Weavers Peg, useful little tool for
undoing snarls and knots and whatever $12 each.

Stitch counter, vintage style, $20 each

We make custom hardwood shuttles,
starting at $40

We make custom bobbins, starting at $22
measurements or sample required.